Whether you are a seasoned aquarist and know exactly what you want or if you are brand new and need an experienced professional to help guide you to the tank of your dreams - Exotic Reef Creations has the experience, knowledge, and resources to make it happen and exceed your expectations - Let’s make the aquarium of your dreams come to life!

ERC is the premier provider of quarantined and prophylactically treated fish in the DC area with over a decade of experience leading and consulting on proper quarantine and treatment protocols for both hobbyists and many businesses. So when it comes time to stock your masterpiece, you can be sure only the best and healthiest will be in your tank directly from the quarantine and observation systems at ERC.

Exotic Reef Creations offers a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts, design and installation experience. We have talented digital designers that will take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a work of art in any room. You will be paired with an experienced program manager that will create a timeline and schedule for you based on your budget and goals. We work hard to mitigate all surprises we can and always come to the table with a solution. We have a team of contractors that can build and create just about anything from the finest materials or a very value-driven solution for those looking to keep things on a lower budget. The goal is a safe, peaceful, work of art that meets your needs and always surpasses your expectations.

ERC offers design and installation services to clients in Maryland, DC, and most of Virginia but we are happy and frequently do consult with teams, hobbyists, and other industry leaders, globally.